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The advantages of having a business telephone and voicemail system compared to a standard over-the-counter telephone configuration are inumerable. Many of our customers report that they have seen an increase in call handling efficiency and the productivity of their staff after purchasing a system from us. This makes sense when you think about the time saved in the following scenarios:

Instead of having to write down a message from a caller and deliver it at a later time, staff members will be able to transfer callers directly to the recipients individual voice mailbox to leave a message. This not only saves time for the person answering the call, it also ensures that the recipient is able to retrieve their message when it is convenient for them. 

In the case that one staff member needs to get a message to another staff member across the building. Instead of having to physically go across the building to deliver the message, they will be able to do so by recording and sending a voicemail message from the nearest telephone. Those are only two of the countless scenarios where the advantages of having a professionally installed telephone and voicemail system are quite evident.

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